Alouette - Quality. Consistency. Performance.

Alouette delivers these three key ingredients to your kitchen with unique products you can count on to add a higher value to your menu. Alouette ensures the versatility you're looking for, while delivering that desirable product and classic taste your patrons will treasure. In sauces, sandwiches, soups, salads and more, these world-class products bring a trendy, but classic taste to your table.

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Alouette® Spreadable Cheese

Alouette® Spreadable CheesesWith its consistent flavor and texture, Alouette® Spreadable Cheese is a dependable addition to any kitchen. It easily incorporates into sauces, soups, and adds variety to gourmet pizzas, sandwiches and burgers.

Get absolute performance consistency - no separating, no breaking, even in higher temperatures - with Alouette® Spreadable Cheese.


Alouette® Crème Fraiche®

Alouette® Crème Fraiche®The clean, fresh taste of Alouette® Crème Fraiche® enhances a wide range of recipes from savory to sweet. Use to finish sauces, soups, or spoon over desserts for a contemporary taste. Whips, blends and creams effortlessly and never separates or curdles when cooking with wine or other acidic ingredients.

Put high quality consistency and performance at your fingertips - across your menu and at any time of day - with Alouette® Crème Fraiche®

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Alouette® Crème de Brie®

Alouette® Crème de Brie®Alouette® Crème de Brie® effortlessly brings a delicious brie taste to a broad array of recipes. Because there's no rind, there's no waste or labor-intensive peeling - just superb flavor and versatility. It's also packaged in an easy-to-open resealable container to preserve freshness.

This rindless brie spreads with ease, melts perfectly and incorporates easily. Use in sauces, soups, on open-faced sandwiches and more.

Bring delicious taste to your signature dishes with consistent flavor - and less labor - with Alouette® Crème de Brie®.

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Alouette® Chevre

Alouette® ChevreAlouette® Chevre's mild goat cheese flavor enhances, yet but doesn't overwhelm, your favorite dishes. Easy to use, it whips, melts and blends without separation. Capitalize on the growing popularity of goat cheese and use it to enrich sauces, sandwiches, and appetizers.

Make highly adaptable Alouette® Chevre a staple in your kitchen - and reap the rewards of quality.

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Alouette® Brie

Alouette® Brie Our master cheese makers create Alouette® Brie with a signature blend of traditional, all-natural European "Longue Saveur" cultures. Made with Alouette® excellence, each wheel's downy white rind houses extra smooth double cream brie - with rich flavor that stays buttery, mild and mellow throughout shelf life. And with a peak flavor window of up to three weeks, Alouette® Brie will always enhance your outstanding dishes.

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